Several well meaning people, for whom I have great respect, have expressed their opinion that it is a mistake to give any attention or press to something as unacceptable to rational persons as the idea of "Creationism" and the "Creation Museum" dedicated to forwarding this mythology.

Ordinarily, I would agree with this analysis. We need not protest those who hold to a Flat Earth "theory," etc. However, the situation in Northern Kentucky is different. "Answers in Genesis" has managed to get world wide press for their fantasy presentations. The "Creation Museum" is being endorsed by official convention and tourist outlets for the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The Governor of Kentucky has expressed support for teaching Bible stories in public schools, and Boone County, Kentucky is giving breaks on laws and taxation, denied others, to the vendors of religious dogma. The temporary President of the United States has even opined that the jury is still out on evolution.

Foolish ideas can come dressed up, just as there can be dressed up fools. And the presentations of the "Answers in Genesis" ( outfit are well dressed indeed—yes, this is a compliment to their marketing. But such well dressed ideas can deceive many to their great cost. Just ask some Germans and Italians whether they would rather their country had not been treated to, much less accepted, the dressed up ideas of Hitler and Il Duce.

If, given all of the publicity that has been generated, nothing supporting science and evidence is offered, the impression will be given to the public, the press, and lawmakers that no one objects, and that if fancy, growling, expensive, mechanized displays of dinosaurs and humans living at the same time, and sharing "Noah’s Ark," are presented as true, with no word to the contrary, then it must be so.

Discussing these matters learnedly in secular discussion groups, that are attended by few, and snickering at those who think it is only fair to teach creationism in public schools, does not get the message to Herbert and Pearl who will arrive on the same yellow church buses that delivered them to sob over "The Passion of the Christ." to gape at dioramas slickly designed to "prove" the Earth is only some 6,000 years old. And thus will our society become a bit more "dumbed down," and will in consequence be internally weakened.

The attitude that it is best not to give nonsense credit by opposing it can be quite dangerous. School boards and legislators might well conclude, without further information, that if scientists, teachers, and the public are not opposed to the well publicized idea of teaching Bronze Age myths as fact, then such misinformation is okay.

As unpleasant as such may appear, the appropriate way to respond is to be there. To go through the "Creation Museum." Get over the idea that you are helping to fund them by buying a ticket. This is the only way to obtain the knowledge needed to help save the scientific method and civilization from returning to another Dark Age. You should see it, if for no other reason than to know what you are talking about.

We can politely, and with dignity, carry signs, perhaps humorous ones, and pass out serious literature, and listen to entertaining talks, all designed to inform, to present fact over fantasy, truth over dogma, light over darkness. We can help those, who do not know, understand that evolution is a "theory" in the same manner that gravity is a "theory." People do understand that things do not fall up when dropped.

And you can meet some nice people.

While the site is quite rural, with no facilities, do not despair. There are motels, restaurants, gas stations, etc. within a very few miles from the site. And it you need to go inside, this might be a good time to inspect the Creation Museum.

Here is our website with more information:

And, if you think being outdoors in response to a threat to the foundations of knowledge is too much trouble, do not worry. Those who would establish a theocracy over us have promised to attack only when it is convenient for you, when it is not raining, when you can be warm, dry, safe, well fed, and have had plenty of time to engage in Liberal Angst over just what to do. Meanwhile, others will fight the American Religious Civil War and protect your freedoms for you.


Edwin Kagin


Rally for Reason


In Re getting to the "Creation Museum" of Answers in Genesis and Housing.

It is recommended that you arrive on Sunday, May 27th. This is so you can maybe go to the "Rally for Reason Speak-Out, " being generously sponsored by the Free Inquiry Group of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky (FIG) the evening before the event.

You can perhaps stay on the ground outside of Answers in Genesis in a sleeping bag if you wish. Maybe even in a tent. But you must bring everything you need. Nothing is provided. You know, just like it was when Daniel Boone, Lewis and Clark, and that sort of human were first visiting Kentucky.

Speaking of you bringing everything, if you want to pass out educational materials, sell stuff, or whatever, you will need to bring your own table or do without one.

Lewis and Clark used a Dutch oven for both chamber pot and cooking use. They didn’t have a lot of room for redundancy.

To get here, you must first figure out how to get to Kentucky, or, if already in Kentucky, how to get to Exit 11 off of I-275, which can be gotten to from I-71/I-75 or from 1-74. Doing so should be a simple matter for those who went to school when geography was still taught or by a clever eight year old with access to a computer.

If you are flying, this information, while interesting and educational, is unnecessary in that airplanes work sort of like horizontal elevators. The Cincinnati Airport (yes, the Cincinnati Airport is in Kentucky—don’t worry about it. The Cincinnati IRS is in Kentucky too, and Kentucky owns the Ohio River. It is a long story) is quite close to Answers in Genesis.

If you have a GPS, you only need to tell it where you want to go and it will tell you how to get there. Just imagine, if Moses had such a device he could have saved 39 ½ years of wandering in the desert and he might not have wound up in a country with no oil.